Formaspace | Work Surfaces – Metals, Stainless Steel Overview

This video is going to cover our various metal tops that we have at Formaspace. The first and most common of which is stainless steel. Stainless comes in a variety of thicknesses, turn downs, radiuses… uh… we can pretty much do whatever you want in terms of stainless. A common one is a 303 stainless […]


Which is the most hardest element to produce ? I mean from the elements that we know the hardest one in the sense of the longest time to produce one atom was the element 113 because their heads about three atoms in 550 something days. Yeah, and this is by far the lowest number Hello […]

The Dangers Of Electrostatic Electricity – An Informative Video

Welcome everyone, today we are going to learn about static electricity. And this is Paul, he works for Bekaert, the industry leader in antistatic fiber technology. Paul, how does static electricity work? Well, it is an imbalance between negative and positive charges in objects. But what does this mean? You have probably experienced it yourself […]

Analysis of Iron by Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometry

Analysis of iron by atomic absorption spectrophotometry In this experiment, the iron content in a children’s multivitamin will be analyzed using atomic absorption spectrophotometry (AAS), and compared to the quantity stated on the package label. The label on a bottle of children’s multivitamins lists the amount of iron present, but can you believe the label? […]

Get Better Face Protection with BetterShield™ Full Face Shields

Hi, I’m Andy from MarketLab. We know it’s hard to find face shields that provide the protection you need without impeding you vision. That’s why we’re proud to present the BetterShield™ Full Face Shield, the ideal balance of comfort and safety. BetterShield’s innovative design fits around the contours of your face, providing more complete facial […]