MEPSA – CRE650EF Grinding Robotic Cell for Faucets

MULTIPLE PROCESSES – Machining – Deburring – Grinding – Polishing – Satin Customized HMI – Easy Adjustment Customized Layout – Various Robot Brand Integration High Adaptability – Multiple part geometry processing Production Line – Multi Robot Applications Calibration System: High Process Repeatability Complex geometries processing Up to 100% Surface Grinding Processing

Friction welding, a process with a future

Orange Intelligence Every day at KUKA we work on innovations and are continuously researching and testing the limits of what is feasible. Is it the challenges of industry 4.0, or is it the Internet of Things? Is it the flexible product cell, or is it the smart factory? Every day at KUKA we address these […]

KUKA Robotics Welding TechCenter Michigan, USA – Walkthrough

Hello and welcome to KUKA Robotics Shelby Township, Michigan. I’m Charlie Adams. I’m going to take you through the demo area here where we show off our AGILUS and iiwas doing what they do best and take you to the new KUKA TechCenter. Follow me! So here you’ll see our new KUKA TechCenter. This is […]

High-precision welding positioning

Beschleunigen Sie Ihre Produktivität Mit der auf Geschwindigkeit getrimmten Version des KUKA Punktschweiß-Bundle’s Schnellste Drehscheibe KUKA KP3-V2H S 180 Grad in 1.9 Sekunden mit einer Nutzlast von 750 kg pro Seite Höchste Qualität und maximale Performance mit der KUKA.ServoGun Punktschweiß-software Kürzere Taktzeiten dank schnellem und präzisem Kraftaufbau Einfache Integration mit KUKA ready2_spot Geprüfte Komponenten die […]

Robot Welding with SolidWorks – RoboDK Plug-In

Hey what’s up guys, Jeremy here, from RoboDK. Welcome to the second video on our Solidworks plugin. To follow up with what we saw in the first tutorial, we will reuse the example with a table and 2 angle irons to show you how you can use RoboDK’s feature to improve your welding paths. Before […]