Whitehead MELTING Product ft. Etude House

Hey, it’s Feiii It is time children cOme hErya boii PS: my eyebrow is still missing, don’t judge me and I have a lisp because I have tongue tamers in. Music: ROLLER COASTER By: Chungha Today, I’m not gonna be doing a nose strip, I’m gonna give myself a break from those. That’s what I […]

ASTRO (아스트로) – ‘BLUE FLAME’ Lyrics [Color Coded_Han_Rom_Eng]

[MV] Cho A(초아) (AOA) _ Flame(불꽃)

The pain that starts when I open my eyes My cold heart whenever I think of you Previous break-ups were not real break-ups I learn what real break-up is because of u Everything with you in my room is the movie story You are my lover in the movie I don’t want to see the […]

Fionna & Flame Prince – Dynamite (Champs) [HD][Lyrics-English]

The night will begin Already began to heat No one will hold me Today I don’t want and can’t stop It’s in the way of looking It’s my dance style I’ll catch you in a way that you will not belive I want to stay with her I want have the lady It’s like Romeo […]

Korea’s job growth remains sluggish in October

The latest figures show job growth in Korea remained weak last month. That’s due in part to Korea’s corporate restructuring drive in the manufacturing sector,… especially in regions where the country’s major shipbuilders are located. Kim Min-ji breaks down the numbers for us. Korea’s job market remained sluggish in October. Statistics Korea says the country […]

ASTRO, Blue Flames [THE SHOW 191126]

💙 [PREVIEW] 🔥 🔥🔷ASTRO- Blue Flame 🔷🔥 Yes, this love is crazy 🤍 The temperature of your feelings and mine is different🌡 But you still burn me ♨️ It’s hurting, its different from your old touch👇🏻 Your heart is getting cold 💙 An unfamiliar cold wind is blowing💨 But why am I still with you? […]

[M/V] 아스트로 (ASTRO) – Blue Flame

I yah yah yah yah yah yah yah yah I yah yah yah yah yah Yes, this love is crazy The temperature of our emotions are different But still, you burn me It hurts, it’s different from my numbness before, touch Your heart is cooling down An unfamiliar, cold wind is blowing over But why […]

Trying this BLACKHEAD MELTING PRODUCT… wow i see u.

Heyy, it’s Feii! Today I found a new less painful product to dissolve your clogged pores. Let’s see how this goes. I was scrolling through amazon and found this anti-blackhead clear kit that sums up to be a blackhead clear and pore tightening mask pack by CNP laboratory. I thought it was going to be […]

[ENG SUBS] Top Combine 至上励合 – Lucky Boys MV

Ayol, two oh double one It’s TC right here We got some new swagger for you this year Just put your hands up and follow my step Let’s dance Lucky lucky lucky lucky lucky lucky I look forward to Meeting you, the girl in my heart and dreams Lucky lucky lucky lucky lucky lucky I […]

Instantly MELT BLACKHEADS w/ Vaseline + Plastic Wrap OVER NIGHT!

Hey its Fei~ I’m so excited to share this video with you guys I’ve discovered a way to melt out blackheads INSTANTLY. The natural way Now this concept has been out for a long time, but it seems like nobody really shined a light on it? So I will have that responsibility today! … just […]