Flux Pavilion & Matthew Koma – Emotional (Virtual Riot Remix) (Lyrics) [CC]

You are no good for me no more We don’t know how to love without a war We’re disease without a cure You wanna hurt just a little hurt just a little more We are casually cruel You were my training wheels and april fools But our tolerance is full Don’t wanne hurt anybody hurt […]

Dark Souls Story ► Gwyn & the First Flame [Part 1]

If there is one thing to remember, it’s this: Fire fades, and it’s inevitable and natural for the world to return to dark. The future is dark, but it was not always this way. Let’s go back to where there was a flame. The Hero has made it to the Kiln, where the First Flame […]

Azur Lane Live2D Tirpitz Snow Melting Summer

Big sister… Come to think of it, I think she was… Sigh, I’m almost starting to forget. Do you know how it feels to observe the battlefield from a safe place, unable to do anything but speak of its cruelty? Strategic reasons, huh… I was equipped with guns, yet they were never meant to fire… […]

[Akita Neru] Melt メルト VOCALOID PV [FANART PV]

FunFact (2018) : This video was made by me 5 years ago, when i was 11 years old :”) i’ve finished this video just in 4 days, only using ms. paint. maybe i should create more fanart videos on the future?

DIY: Smiley soaps :) Funny Melt & Pour soap making

Push it! Push it more! I’m pushing It’s so heavy! Let’s bring something else

Babymetal – ‘Road Of Resistance’ Live In Japan REACTION & REVIEW

hey guys Jorrell here back with another music reaction for you we are on to babymetal I had a look through the comments on the last one and there’s four or five tracks that keep popping up as to which I should react to next so I pretty much just picked the most popular one. […]

BABYMETAL News / reaction METAL GALAXY album ? ( Ita Sub Eng )

hi to all guys from alexthelord today we talk about them of BABYMETAL then guys let’s talk of the third album of the babymetal, the first without YUIMETAL and listening to it was … strange not in a negative sense, but still a bit strange various editions have come out there is the normal one […]

BABYMETAL: Cómo fusionar METAL con KAWAII y petarlo

Let’s go let’s go kids. Good to everyone, here ShaunTrack, Shaun for the true friends. Who are those true friends? Those who subscribe, those who leave a like, those who comment. Ok, Today we are going to see a group that besides you had requested a lot, It’s a group that I discovered a couple […]

Save Electricity (animation)

One Earth Change to power saving energy efficient Lighting.