This is a very special and exciting device called a 100-W LED and I just bought it from an Ebay seller called happy fashion skirt. It cost $50 plus 10 cent shipping and according to their data sheet it’s the very latest power LED with 100 year life and it gives out 1 billion candle […]

Helmet Lens Technology Provides Clear View for M&M Welding

I just noticed wearing this hood compared to my old hood, my old hood I would have to wear my prescription glasses but due to the clarity of the lens, everything just kind of opens up ’cause of the brightness of the lens. The puddle, it appears to me like it’s just clear, I can […]

Fuel Efficient Welding Equipment Keeps Noise Down

When you strike an arc on most machines, immediately the engine drive goes into full run mode. With the TrailBlazer, one I thing like about the Auto-Speed what it does is it just, it just runs the speed it needs to run in order to get the parameters you need. With the Auto-Speed technology, it […]

Welding sculptures benefit injured state trooper

students in Helena sculpting metal with one person in mind injured Highway Patrol trooper Wade Palmer the Helena high school Bengals held their 15th annual metal sculpting show on Wednesday it was a chance for the students to show off their pieces before they were raffled off to raise money for trooper Palmer and his […]

Adding Texture With a Welder – Kevin Caron

(Text on screen): Adding Texture with a Welder, Kevin Caron, www.kevincaron.com The Voice: Hey, Kevin. What are you doing and what are you doing it to? Kevin Caron: Wiping my spider’s butt. This is a little. . . Well, not little, but this is a spider I just finished. Aargh! When they made these balls […]

Hunting, fishing, welding, and health care

I’m in the shop a lot, do welding, plasma cutting, just got into old blacksmithing techniques. I’ve always been able to afford health insurance, they just wouldn’t cover me, because I’m you know diagnosed diabetic. But now just to sign up, nobody even asked me about the preexisting or anything and it just ‘oh you’re […]

Renee Saloka

I absolutely encourage other women to get into the welding program well my name is Renee Saloka I’m a student here at Richland in the welding program I was a little nervous coming in because it’s just a different field than what you would generally see women in everyone was just so welcoming the instructors […]