DO YOU METAL? | Girls React | BabyMetal

Hello, anybody there? Oh my god. It’s react. Yes, It’s react. Oh my god. It’s react. Yes, it’s react a lot of people are like here to react to BabyMetal about on it’s like Joke’s on you cuz I listen to them so Okay, I actually really like doing the react videos. I get to […]

BABYMETAL News / reaction METAL GALAXY album 🤓 ( Ita Sub Eng )

hi to all guys from alexthelord today we talk about them of BABYMETAL then guys let’s talk of the third album of the babymetal, the first without YUIMETAL and listening to it was … strange not in a negative sense, but still a bit strange various editions have come out there is the normal one […]

Audio Technica ATH-ES700 Portable Headphone Review: Stainless Steel Beauty

Hi! Welcome to Lachlan Likes A Thing, a show where I take a thing and see whether or not I like it. Now the thing we’re looking at in this video is something that a lot of you on the Facebook page and the Youtube comments have been letting me know that you’re really excited […]