Making Door Handles From Hatchets

hey guys what’s going on I’m John Malecki and as most of you know that I’ve recently built a set of shop doors and didn’t put any hardware on them and because I’m a cheap ass instead of going and buying a set of hardware Sam and I got the wheels turning and we snagged […]

Teaching My First Woodworking Class | Live Edge Waterfall Coffee Tables

So if you guys remember the build off I did with Jory when I was at that show I met a set of brothers Paul and Aaron from San Antonio They wanted me to come down and teach a class and I was delivering the black rifle table I figured why not. So I taught […]

EPIC 5,000 Bullets in Epoxy & 20′ Live Edge Slab Table Build!

Oh! Hold Up Buddy, John what’s up? Heard from a little birdie that yinz guys are looking for some stuff for the new office yes we just moved to Texas I need something totally unique special so what’re you thinking some coffee tables for a coffee company no I don’t take a coffee table I […]

5 Tips For Better Live Edge Slab Furniture | Woodworking Tips

hey guys welcome back to the shop in this video I’m gonna give you five tips on how to make better live-edge furniture including material selection design and finishing boob sweat check it out first tip when it comes to making anything with live edge is understanding if your woods actually dry which requires a […]

How To “Weld” Industrial Furniture with NO WELDER

uh-huh I think I should let it cool down welcome back to the shop everyone right now I’m standing in the metal shop because we’re about to get started on another industrial build and you’re probably thinking you need one of these to get this thing done well got some news for you you don’t […]