SEAC Ramon “CZ” Colon-Lopez on leading in a Joint Environment

Leadership is the same regardless of what you do. It’s getting people to accomplish the mission, in the simplest of terms. The difficult part is tailoring your leadership style to the culture of each service. So you have to have an understanding on how they think and what makes them react to the orders placed […]

Gen. Joe Dunford’s Farewell Message to the Joint Force

In the coming days, I’ll complete over four decades of active service in my tenure as the Chairman. Before taking off my uniform for the last time, I wanted to tell you what an honor it has been to serve alongside you and to represent you here, in Washington D.C., and across the globe. More […]

How Lowell Herb Co. Makes 4 Million Joints A Year

Joe Avella: Lowell Herb Co. is one of California’s largest marijuana companies. Lowell specializes in producing packs of pre-rolled joints. Last year, it rolled and sold over 4 million joints. In order to do so, Lowell needs a lot of cannabis. This is David Elias, CEO of Lowell Herb Co. David Elias: Right now, we’re […]

Expert Mode – Through the Fire and Flames – Joe Penna

Impractical Jokers – Down in Flames | truTV

You going that way? Do me a solid. I can’t talk right now with my friend ’cause I’m working and the manager gets mad. Do you mind just saying something to my guy right there? Could you just tell him… Just straight up, “[Bleep] you and your family.” What do I tell him? Could you […]

Spider Drill Shield – Prevents Injuries & Eliminates Cleanup Time!

Step bits are used by contractors and tradesmen everywhere. This tool can take a smaller hole, and enlarge it to bigger sizes. Security contractors use step bits for drilling metal door frames. But did you know that step bits can be very dangerous? And that drill bits cost thousands of worker injuries every year. Meet […]

Easy Copper Soldering

Today we are going to take the mystery out of soldering copper water lines. Give me a minute and I’ll show you how to do it too. Some of the supplies and tools you’ll need for this job is a self-cleaning plumbing flux a flux brush fitting cleaning brushes plumbing solder a tube cutter a […]