Building the box joint jig part 1 of 4

So this jig is my screw advance box joint jig. And when I first built this, I didn’t take any video of it. And people often ask for more details on how to build it. It’s actually pretty easy to build. So, I thought I’d just build it again, just to get more video of […]

Cross Cut Sled w/ Finger Joint Jig Insert

Man these old jigs take up a lot of space! Grrr, warped and unusable! Let’s make a new one. Some scrap plywood (from failed attempts at kerf bending) Cleaning up the edges. Some scrap 2×4’s Jointing the faces smooth. Squaring up the ends Routing a chamfer. This will let dust collect there and not affect […]

Building the screw advance box joint jig

back in 2012 I shot a 40 minute long four-part series on building this screw advance box joint jig, and looking at that recently I realized my editing has gotten much tighter since then so I went through all of the footage and I was able to cut it down to one 20 minute video […]

Computer controlled box joint jig

My computerized table saw jig is controlled by this 10-year old Think Pad computer in a dust-proof enclosure. It’s running Quick Basic under DOS. Connected to the computer is this stepper motor controller. On the left is the power supply from an old printer, on the right is a transistor board, which I modified for […]

How to make a Dovetail Joint | Easy way of making a joint

Hello, I wrote in the comments that it’s time to finish connecting to pocket hole, and it’s time to try the real joinery. so today I’m going to try to assembly a box with the dovetail joint. Dovetail is a complex joinery it requires experience, skill and good tools and since I have none of […]

Recreating a 100 Year Old Finger Joint Box / Woodworking Project

today’s video is brought to you by Squarespace whether you need a domain website or online store make your next move with Squarespace. This one is going to be a fun project today we’re going to see if we can recreate this century-old Crayon box. We’re going to make a couple where we try and […]

How to Make Box Joints with Only a Router | Woodworking Jig

Today we’re going to make a box joint jig for the router. Not the table saw, not the router table but the router. [Music] You can you use a bigger router like this. You could use a smaller router like this. You can’t use this router this router. It’s crazy insane. It’s got some crazy […]

How to cut steampipe/black pipe for a turbo merge collector with simple tools

2.5mm (3/32″) thick cutting disc: Cuts straight Cuts slow 1.0mm (3/64″) thick cutting disc tends to drift when cutting off square cuts fast Determining offset to cut pipes to fit rectangular turbine entry (T3 flange shown here)

How to Build a SIMPLE or FANCY Taper Jig for a Table Saw

Welcome back to Fix This Build That I’m Brad And today we’re gonna be making two tapering jigs and I’m gonna let you decide if the fancy one is worth the extra effort The first jig is super simple to make you can make this thing with just your table saw a drill in a […]

Making long reach C clamps

In the woodworking shop you can never have enough clamps. But sometimes, no matter how many clamps you have. You don’t have the right kind of clamp. So I made some specialty clamps. These are long-reach C clamps that can reach places that most clamps can’t reach. And in this video I’ll go through and […]