Making a Timascus Ring and Flame Anodizing it! – Damascus Steel made out of Titanium

Fusing – Learn How to Fuse Decals To Glass

Fuseworks FuseArt Decals are an exciting way to embellish your fused glass projects Decals come in 4 fabulous styles Contempo, Bug-a-Boos, Mod and Floral Start with a pre-fired glass base, select your FuseArt Decal and cut to fit the glass Drop the decal into filtered water and wait 30 seconds. Remove from water and slide […]

How to 3D Model a Melting Clock and Puddle of Water (2019): Rhino 3D CAD Technique #24

Hello everyone. Welcome back to PJ Chen Design we’re gonna have something really fun today. Inspired by Dali melting clock, I make this clock here, and it’s having dripping and the same way you can useful like water if you are making the honey dripping from something else. Are you ready! Let’s get started! so […]

Fusing – How to Fuse Glass In A Microwave

Fuseworks Microwave Kiln is a revolutionary way to fuse glass inside the microwave in less than 3 minutes Let me show you how it works First, the kiln consists of two parts; the base and the lid. The lid has a special non-toxic coating that helps capture and intensify microwaves To use, simply place a […]

Comparing the Max Flame & Micro Butane Soldering Torches

Hi my name is Erica Stice. I’m the studio coordinator at Halstead and today I wanted to talk to you about the butane torches that we sell here at work. Now this is our X302 max flame. And this is a great flame for annealing and general soldering jobs and we’ve even used them for […]

Watch How to Combine Wire Wrapped Beads with Components and Chain with Fusion Beads

– [Lindsay] Now that you’ve perfected the techniques from the first three videos in the series, you’re ready to build a whole project using all of the techniques you learned. In this video, I’m gonna walk you through making this necklace. We’ll start by creating the focal, our pendant portion of the necklace. This is […]

How to Replace Your Rofin Laser Water Filter

Here are three maintenance parts on the Starweld basic welder, four on the Starweld performance 7002. All the maintenance parts can be ordered from Stuller. Once a year you should replace the water filter. You’re going to want to remove the back panel to get to the tank. Unscrew the top hose and then unscrew […]

Metal Detecting | Digging In The Dirt

Hey, we got snow on the ground here in Colorado and our season is definitely shutting down I was able to get out yesterday for A little bit. I’ve had the simplex out twice now Look forward to some videos coming out on that very soon. Ain’t know a lot of people ask me DK […]

Precious Metal Refining & Recovery, Episode 3: Karat Gold

Hi everyone, welcome back to Cody’s Lab. This is episode 2 of my precious metal refining series and today we’re going to be doing some actual gold jewelry. Now I got my super inaccurate, Walmart scale here and a lot of you had mentioned that there’s a little switch on the back that you can […]

Jewelers and Precious Stone and Metal Workers

Whether it’s creating a diamond wedding ring or making a one-of-a-kind necklace, jewelers create wearable art. Jewelers and precious stone and metal workers design and make jewelry, and often sell it as well. They also repair older jewelry, and may appraise the value of both gems and jewelry. Precious metal workers use hand tools to […]