this video has been sponsored by raid Shadow Legends Hey guys Riley here, don’t panic I’m not replacing James I’m just filling in for him while he’s away working on a top-secret project. So you remember the Jet Engine vs Face video and the Jet Engine vs Captain America video well we thought that we […]

Electricity on Plane || How dose APU work on aircraft

TO WATCH THIS VIDEO IN ENGLISH SUBSCRIBE MY NEW CHANNL ARTIST RAJU PRO The plane has 2 big jet engines. Which provides power to the plane. And it also provides lift to the plane. (Many videos can be found like this in my new channel link is in discription) Jet engine provides not only speed […]

Building a Homemade Spacecraft

KRISTIAN VON BENGTSON: If we wanted to fly into space, we could either try to become astronauts. Like, ha ha, good luck. It is probably not going to happen. You could also wait until maybe Virgin Galactic finishes their project. That’s going to take a long time. But wouldn’t it be much more fun if […]