High-Speed Sync- Combining Speedlight with Pack & Head

It’s hot here in LA so we decided, “Hey, we’ll just hang out in the pool with a few rocks, and trees and wings and smoke and things.” But hey, we’re going to teach you the principle on how to High-Speed Sync your camera with an 800 watt/second pack and head system. Great thing to […]

Combining Daylight with LED Lights – Photography & Video Tutorial

[oh] Today on the slanted lens, we’re shooting two camera interviews at East West Bank of some of the executives We’re going to look at the process of mixing an led light source with window light as we shoot these executive interviews Because we’re working with Daylight. We’ll need a daylight balanced light source in […]

Camera Review: Sony A7R II vs Atomos Ninja Flame

Jay: For our review today, we’re gonna take a look at the internal 4K recording on that A7R II versus the external recording, 4K recording on the Flame. Kenneth: You won’t believe what happens next. Jay: Kind of interesting. It’s November, time to be thankful. We’re thankful that Syrp is gonna give away a $1266 […]