Melting Marbles With Electricity

Hey guys We’re back today with another experiment that I’m personally excited about and been looking forward to for a couple of months I went picked up a couple of bags of marbles from the Dollar store And I’m bringing it back my mini Arc Furnace because I’d like to bring the two together and […]

Coolest Age Group Bike Tech From Challenge, The Championship 2019

(upbeat techno music) – Well we are here a day before the championship race in Slovakia. All the bikes are racked up here in transition, and one of my favorite things to do is actually take a look through some of the age group bikes. They’re not restrained by sponsors or anything like that. We […]

Real Working Iron Man HUD (the EXO is BACK!)

Alright let’s try this out! Jarvis initiate. Jarvis activate flight mode… this would be useful for my upcoming flight project. Al right now what if I told you that was real, there’s no CGI? Hey guys so you might remember I used to be working on a heads-up display for the exoskeleton project, about a […]

How To Make An Electrical Arc Furnace

Chances are you’ve thrown these things in the trash without even knowing it. But if you use them like this, they’ll spawn an electric arc hot enough to melt any metal known to man, and even turn rocks into lava. In this project we’re modifying a fire brick and some flashlight batteries, to build an […]

Metal Iron Man Helmet WITH DISPLAY! + GIVEAWAY

“Hey Guys, I’m The Hacksmith.” “And on this episode of Make it Real. We’ve made the first full metal Iron Man helmet.” “Complete with a heads up display.” “And to prove that to you, well. Watch this.” “Wow, wow, wow, stop!” “Big thank you to Honey for sponsoring this video.” “And thanks to them. We’re […]