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Relic Hunting With A Military PI Metal Detector – Vallon VMH3CS

This is my new toy. A military (pulse induction) metal detector. Intended to find mines in war zones. It’s called “Vallon VMH3CS”. I bought it used. The coil. The manual doesn’t say anything about coins… Stormy weather, hopefully nothing falls on my head. I will be using a pulse induction machine for the first time. […]

【Metal Slug Attack】EXTRA OPS – UNITED FRONT 「Last Day」

🛡METAL SLUG ATTACK🛡 UNITED FRONT – LAST DAY Menu~ Last Day… PARTNER! PT BATTLE (BATTLE 1) Last Day! Beat This! Already? Amber~ Let’s Finish This! No, Amber Down! I got This! Yang Dao! Wow….. Mira! All Enemies Down! COMPLETE! Another Partner! PT BATTLE (BATTLE 2) CRAP!!!! Let’s Do This! COMPLETE! REMATCH PT BATTLE (BATTLE 3)「REMATCH」 […]

What Would Life Be Like Without Metals?

A world without metal – “Good! That’s not music, anyway!” Calm down, boomers, I’m talking about the elements. You know, copper, silver, lead, iron, and whatnot. What if they all just disappeared overnight? As if some has meddled with our metal. “So, no more spoons and coins? Big deal!” you say. Not so fast! You […]


Turbo noises Hi guys, welcome to Baguete’s Garage Today we will repair a cast iron exhaust manifold that cracked Let´s start by removing the manifold from the engine Now we will remove the catalytic converter and the oxygen sensor The catalytic converter is in good shape and the gasket too Let’s clean the area where […]

Why Does Metal Rust? – Reactions Q&A

Well folks, you asked and we’re answering. That’s right we heard you. Peter Sterckx wants to know why do metal things grow. Well, here’s Sophia with an explanation. Corrosion is caused by a redox reaction, which is actually two simultaneous reactions in one: Reduction and Oxidation. (Oncscreen: 1) Reduction) A reduction reaction occurs when some […]

Stainless steel vs iron or plain steel, difference

To differ stainless steel from mild steel we use magnet features different type of steel Mild steel refers to low carbon steel and it stick to magnet This fitting for Wrought Iron Railings made of plain or mild steel. It will rust in course of time. This washer, bolt and fittings made of mild steel. […]