MIG WELDING with GPS 2300, Double pulsed arc welding applications

The aesthetic and thermal control of the welding arc increases with this process modifying the bead penetration and reducing the deformation of the piece according to needs. Ascending vertical welding. Aluminium-magnesium welding, especially suitable for the railway industry and the manufacture of bodywork. Aluminium-magnesium welding, 2 mm thickness on edge of the plate.


The Gala Invermig Syner 230 MP BI-PULSE is a 200 A single-phase and multi-process inverter device for MIG-MAG (standard, pulsed and bi-pulsed) TIG (standard and pulsed) and electrode welding. With more than 100 preset programs the Invermig BiPulse is an optimal and versatile solution for professional welding applications of aluminium and stainless steel. Its synergic […]

MIG WELDING with GPS 2300, Short arc welding applications

These processes help achieve greater arc stability in tubular wires and reduce splashes in CO2 Welding carbon steel with 1 mm thickness in short-circuit, especially suitable for the automobile industry. Carbon steel welding with CO2, with average thickness especially suitable for metal carpentry