The Rescue Mission – Metal Detecting With “Napoleons Glasses” And More…

“I was on my way to a location”… …but I stopped here. Let’s go! First find. Something on top. Foil lid of a plastic bottle. Another shallow signal. I have no idea. Hmm, something from the WWII? Another unidentified piece of metal. Something big and shallow (according to the signal). That’s what it was… A […]

Big Surprise Under The Root! – Metal Detecting With Unexpected Finds

I’m on my way to the location… It’s raining, but that’s OK. I have absolutely no idea what to expect. This will be my first find. 70:30 chances of trash. Foil. It’s a small piece of lead. That’s a good sign. But let’s “move on”… I’m heading towards a certain part of the woods… …but […]