Rhodium – The Most INVISIBLE Metal on Earth!

Hello everyone, in this video I’m going to tell you about such rare metal as a rhodium. Which we quite often don’t notice that even when is hidden before your eyes. In this periodic table, rhodium can be found in the group 9 between cobalt and iridium Moreover, this element is a member of platinum’s […]


♪ (intro music) ♪ [ATTENTION! This video shows dangerous experiments! Do not repeat the experiments shown in this VIDEO!] Hello everyone. Today I am going to tell you about such a metal as Yttrium. In the periodic table of elements, yttrium belongs to group 3 and is classified as one of the rare Earth metals, […]

Molybdenum – A Metal That Forms Weird Solutions!

Hello everyone. Today I would like to dedicate this video to such a refractory metal as molybdenum. In the period table of chemical elements molybdenum belongs to the 6th group and is located above tungsten. Because of having a smaller atomic radius molybdenum is a bit more reactive than tungsten and has a lower electrochemical […]