Pressure Checks for a Case IH 6088 & 7088 Combine Hydrostatic Pump & 2 Speed Motor

Hello, today we are testing a hydrostat pump and motor off of a sixty eighty eight or seventy eighty eight case international combine with a two speed hydrostatic motor. We’re going to show you today is the two speed control valve and what it is it is a pressure response control with a stroking valve […]

Know Your Electricity Bill

Hi, I’m Emily Johnston I’m an environmentalist who is proud to work at Bruce Power. I’m also a working mom who lives in a small Ontario town where I grew up The classic electricity from Ontario families and businesses is an important issue across the province as families work to balance their many household expenses […]

TNB Buzz: Electricity Power Generation in Malaysia

electricity power generation in Malaysia electricity is generated by converting various forms of energies into electrical energy one of the most common methods is using kinetic energy to rotate a magnet surrounded by coils of wires to generate electrical current in order to create the kinetic energy needed to rotate the magnet various energy resources […]

Part 3 Engaging the Private Sector in Liberia’s Electricity Future

NARRATOR>>With the help of USAID and other donors, President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf delivered on her promise to bring a “small light today” to Monrovia. But achieving “big light tomorrow” was much more challenging. The Liberia Electricity Corporation lacked the capacity to rebuild and expand an electricity sector that had been reduced to nothing during, and […]

How to Install a Hydro Ebrake (Hydraulic E brake)

Hey guys! ChrisFix here Today I’m gonna show you how to Install a hydraulic e-brake in your car. This is a hydraulic e-brake, also known as A hydro e-brake, or just a hydro, And it’s used for drifting! When you pull the hydraulic e-brake, it’s essentially like pressing a normal foot brake in your car, […]