We Cast Molten Metal in Silicone!!

Hey guys we’re Evan and Katelyn and today we’re gonna be casting metal. What are you doing in our shop? Thank you NordVPN for sponsoring this video check em out at NordVPN dot com slash Evan and Katelyn and use code evanandkatelyn to get 77% off. For those of you who don’t know Bill and […]

3D printed metal jewelry (+unboxing)

Hey guys, we’re Evan and Katelyn, and today we’re gonna show you how we prototyped our own jewelry and had it 3D printed in precious metals. I’ve 3D printed metal before for industrial applications, but I’ve always been searching for an excuse to print in the pretty stuff. We thought we’d try selling these as […]

$66 Custom Door Anyone Can Do!!

Hey guys we’re Evan and Katelyn and today we are upgrading our pantry door because it used to be boring and now it’s really cool and you can do the whole thing with just some plywood paint and a few tools I was checking the list in my head I was like it has to […]

We Made DIY Built-Ins for our Murphy Bed

Oh what are we gonna do for the intro again hey guys we’re Evan and Katelyn in last episode we built this built-in which was kind of hard oh no it’s not it built-in it’s a Murphy bed oh yeah dang it today we’re gonna make built-ins on either side of our Murphy bed and […]

Alcohol Ink Art on Tile = DIY Clock?

Hey guys, we’re Evan and Katelyn. Today we’re playing with alcohol in the shop. No, not like that… No… not like that!! *panic* Ooh, it’s melting! AHH! Our table’s on fire! Actually, we’re going to be doing alcohol water colors on these tiles and turning them into clocks. This video is brought to you by […]

DIY Resin Ocean Serving Board (or… SURFING Board ?)

*chugga chugga chugga chugga…* *stifled laughter* I think it’s just like “Hey guys we’re Evan and Katelyn and today we’re making a resin and stone island serving tray” Right? So our thought was, we’ll grab some slate tile, break it into chunks, put it in a mold, and cover it in resin, and hopefully that […]

We built a patio for our cat… a CATIO!

Hey guys, we’re Evan and Katelyn, and today, we’re doing something special for our Supurrvisor, because one of her favorite things is looking out the window. (Evan laughs) Well, hello. Hi, baby. Oh, you went to the wrong one. (Evan laughs) This one. Okay, come here. Yeah, there yeah, this one, whoa. So, today, we’re […]

Rainbow Resin LED Desk DIY ?? (+ ultimate cable organization!)

Are you feeling frustrated… by your tiny desk? Having size envy and feeling inadequate? I think it’s time for us to consider desk enlargement. Hehehehe. Hey guys we’re Evan and Katelyn… Oh yeah oh! And we suffer from desk dysfunction. C’mon! Hey guys… ah dang haha. Huhhhh. I just got the giggles now. Hey guys… […]

CNC Flat Pack, Live Edge, Mid Century Modern Coffee Table | Woodworking how to

It’s a walnut flat pack. Hahaha it is a walnut flat pack! It’s a live edge flat pack. You might not be familiar with them they’re very rare. We built them this week. Hey guys we’re Evan and Katelyn. And I’m Johnny Brooke from Crafted Workshop. And this week we’ve been in Johnny’s shop making […]

E&K Tuesdays: Welding stuff, new camera, comment advice!

on the first day of vlogmas I recorded a bad vlog no I don’t know if we’re actually gonna do multiple vlogs but I got a new camera and I want to try using it here let me let me show you this tiny camera it’s really really small I did a lot of research […]