Stainless Steel Flex Chimney Liner System with Pull Cone – Flue Guru

We’re going to install the liner in this masonry chimney for a wood stove, and that’s twenty feet of liner there. Now here in the bottom, we have a stainless kind of a funnel, so it doesn’t get stuck in the bottom. And this is a two part T at the bottom, and then we […]

Chimney Roof Brace Kit, Selkirk Supervent 6 8 Stainless Steel Support

Dean up on the roof, we have a fascinating little invention of Dean’s here, putting a silicone pad underneath the foot of a roof bracing there, and then we drill through the holes, so it’s immediately sealed, and there we go. We’re putting up this chimney support here, and those are the two roof legs, […]

Install ICC Excel Stainless Steel Chimney 6″ Wood Stove – Flue Guru

So, we figured out where the centre of the fireplace goes, or the wood stove, and we’re bringing up the flashing on the roof. I’ve cut a square hole for a square brace, or a square chimney bucket. And Roland is going to bring that up for me next, along with some snips, and some […]

Chimney Liner Installation for Fireplace Insert Stainless Steel

The liner is down in here now, and we’re going to attach this A connector to it, the liner slips in between, and allows the creosote to run back into the stove, anyway, I’ll just show you that. Now, we might have to use crimpers on the Z Flex to get it to fit in […]

How to Drill Stainless Steel, Cobalt Bit Review Chimney Cap Layers

So we’re drilling through a couple layers of stainless here, and we’re trying to keep everything straight, and so we’re using a cobalt bit. All the other bits seem to just not want to do it, So, you go a little bit slow to begin with, until you make a mark in it, and then […]