Tailgate Fire! | Bic Flame Disk

does a Frisbee…work for a grill? we’ll find out here… it’s a quick review of the Bic Flamedisk. Stand by… Tailgate season I thought i’d try and do a little grilling here with something made for the tailgate I guess… This is called the Bic Flamedisk Portable Outdoor grill charcoal alternative for your grill. Good […]

How to Solder Properly – 5 Soldering Joint Splices

Heat while material starts to melt solder Heat while material starts to melt solder Heat while material starts to melt solder Heat while material starts to melt solder Heat while material starts to melt solder

How to Replace Upper Control Arm and Ball Joint 02-05 Mercury Mountianeer

How to combine two pictures in photoshop cs6 ( 1# PS tutorial)

today im going to show you how to combine two pictures. okay first you should create a new layer after you make the layer we should drag the picture you want to combine into a photshop document then you have to adjust it then you have to click on the tick button after that you […]

Dryer Repair – Replacing the Disposable Thermal Fuse (Whirlpool Part #3390719)

Hi, it’s Steve from PartSelect. Today we’re going to show you how to change the thermal fuse on your dryer. It’s a pretty easy job; all we’re going to need is a Phillips screwdriver, a quarter inch nut driver, a putty knife, a pair of needle nose pliers, and maybe a pair of wire strippers. […]

How to Combine Multiple Documents to a Single Scan Job | HP Enterprise MFPs | HP

Enable the Prompt for additional pages feature to scan multiple documents to combine to a single job on HP LaserJet, PageWide, and OfficeJet Enterprise MFPs with FutureSmart 4.5.5 or later. Prompt for additional pages works for scanning documents that exceed the number of pages the automatic document feeder can hold, or documents that have multiple […]

How to Bake and Decorate a Cheesecake : Melting Chocolate For Cheesecake

So lets check our chocolate see how that looks okay looks good to me you can tell that the chips are very soft right now, it’s heated up, you don’t want to over heat this so again start mixing in the middle, work your way out swipe the side, swipe the bottom, looks good, see […]


Hello and welcome to the nitty-gritty. Today we’re gonna be talking about how to resize a GRIP6 belt. So you received your GRIP6 belt in the mail and for whatever reason It’s a little bit too long. I’m gonna show you real quick how to trim your belt. The first thing you want to establish […]

DIY: Smiley soaps :) Funny Melt & Pour soap making

Push it! Push it more! I’m pushing It’s so heavy! Let’s bring something else