How to Play the Octave Position | Heavy Metal Guitar

Okay. Let’s talk about the octave position. There’s a different position for each pair of strings with an octave. If I look at the sixth string and I play any note, say, G, I have an octave two frets higher and two strings away. I can play these together and I can dampen the string […]

How to Play Hammer-Ons & Pull-Offs | Heavy Metal Guitar

Alright, what’s a hammer-on? Well, picture a hammer, the way the hammer strikes down. That’s what happens with your finger. You take any note. So if I look at the minor pentatonic scale, we go to the first string. I play this note, I pick the note, but then the next note on the string […]

How to Prevent & Douse a Kitchen Fire | Deep-Frying

So you want to deep fry at home. You can use the wok. You can use the pan. Just don’t put too much oil in there. This pan is actually, I’ve got it on the stove here, I’m going to start a fire and I’m going to show you how to put out a chip […]

How to Use Octaves | Heavy Metal Guitar

All right. Let’s talk about octaves and how to use them. One simple use of octaves is as a substitute for power chords. So, you can take any riff and take a sliding power with chords. Say, something like this. I could play the same thing with octaves. So, using octaves on the 4th and […]

Soldering Iron vs. Soldering Gun | Soldering

A soldering gun is this device here. This is a handheld version. It’s 230 watt. So it’s a very, very high powered device and this is made for soldering rather heavy pieces. Pieces that you’re not likely to find on a printed circuit board. You may find heavy connectors or pieces of brass or other […]

Common Soldering Mistakes | Soldering

I have here two different pieces of copper that are from a standard [inaudible 00:09] power supply. One common soldering job might be to put a connector on something like this. This piece of wire has been stripped and sitting out in the air for a long time and I wanted you to see how […]

Does Marijuana Cure Glaucoma? | Marijuana

In the 1970s, a man named Robert Randall who suffered from glaucoma sued the federal government because they had conducted studies showing that marijuana could relieve the pressure, the intraocular pressure from the eye. That is to say they federally funded studies done at UCLA showed when you actually used a medical device, the pressure […]

What You Need to Deep-Fry Foods | Deep-Frying

Great, so you can use a vast amount of different implements to fry at home. I mean we obviously have the mother of all fryers here, which commercially we use. This, you can pan fry an egg and nothing else. These two are perfect for pan frying. You don’t want to deep fry in them. […]

What Is Flux? | Soldering

Flux is a very important part of soldering. Flux is necessary to reduce the oxides that tend to form whenever you have hot metals in contact with the air. In electronics, we use a rosin-core solder or a mild solder or water-soluble solder. Make sure that you choose something that’s not plumbing flux or acid-core […]