How to Replace Your Rofin Laser Water Filter

Here are three maintenance parts on the Starweld basic welder, four on the Starweld performance 7002. All the maintenance parts can be ordered from Stuller. Once a year you should replace the water filter. You’re going to want to remove the back panel to get to the tank. Unscrew the top hose and then unscrew […]

Action PBR – Using PBR Shading – Part 1 – Flame 2017×1

Hey everyone, Grant Kay for the Flame Learning Channel. In this video, weíll start looking at Physical Based Rendering in Action. The point of Physical Based Rendering or PBRÖ Is that it simulates the natural interactions of light rays and real world materials. This allows for consistent and predictable results with texturesÖ Even if the […]

Expanding the User Interface – MasterGrade – Flame 2020

Hi everyone, Grant for the Flame Learning Channel. In this video, you’ll learn about using the expanded user interface… with the MasterGrade. This will give you more controls up front… And less digging down into multiple menus. We’ll cover some of interface options… As well as the new layout of the MasterGrade… When it is […]

How to Merge Data Layers in ArcMap 10

Perhaps you wish to merge a data layer of points containing women’s apparel clothing stores to a data layer of points containing men’s clothing stores, so that they become one new data layer. In ArcMap, have both data layers open. Then, click on the ‘ArcToolbox’ icon. Double click on the ‘Data Management Tools’, then ‘General’, […]

Sosej Secsi Fi | Bwyd Epic Chris II

You can’t have a cookout without a hotdog So I’m here at the butchers in Llanrug they’ve won many awards for their sausages And I’m going to try and make one myself! Yo! How are you? I’m buzzing! I’m ready to make these sausages! Ready? I have my own blend Some Sexy Rub Sausage Mix! […]

How to remove paint from metal with the Norton Mini Angle Grinder

So today, i’m here to show you how to remove rust and paint from carbon steel and difficult to reach places using a Norton Mini Angle Grinder alongside the Blaze Rapid Strip disc. So, this is the Norton Mini Angle Grinder as you’ll notice, it’s small and compact but it’s very powerful and it’s going […]


High If this is to end in fire then we should all burn together Watch the flames climb high into the night Calling out father, oh stand by and we will Watch the flames burn auburn on the mountainside High And if we should die tonight then we should all die together Raise a glass […]

inverter ac vs non inverter ac electricity consumption in hindi urdu /english subtitle

hello friends welcome to my channel today we are going to compare inverter ac vs non inveerter ac electricity consumption like share sub we have a inverter ac which is gree 1 ton and second one is lg non inverter ac lets compare them friends we have a little sutup we attached digitle metre and […]

Build the Dream: Episode 10 – Installing a Metal Ceiling

Today’s job is going to be putting up the ceiling and Usually that’s probably the most gratifying thing to do I don’t know something about putting that steel up getting that nice white flat surface and Really just defining the interior space because up until now you look up there you’re looking at the underside […]