DIY Third Hand For Soldering, Gluing, Hobby Work, etc.

To make one of these 3rd hand wire holders you need a couple clips, heavy piece of wire. Got my scrap wire here. And something to wrap it around I am going to use a 3/4 inch drive extension. Let me get wrapping and I will show you how the wrapping goes. Here’s where we […]

How to Install Weld Pins and Weld Studs

At Midwest Fasteners we know that getting work done quickly and reliably is really important to most jobs and we can help with that using capacitor discharge stud welding. Easy to operate portable stud welding can be used to install many types of fasteners, these include weld pins or weld studs and can be applied […]

How to replace an electric water heater. The Home Mender

Hi this is Dustin Luby with Home Mender inc and you can find us on the web at Today, we are going to change out an electric water heater Pretty basic .Pretty simple so we’ll get it knocked out. First thing we’re going to do is turn off the breaker at the panel usually […]

Interview Questions: Tell Me About Yourself

Hey everyone, I am Vincent and today going to be talking about the age old job interview question: Tell me about yourself. Now the question is asked at the start of most job interviews at every company and there’s many different ways to be able to word this question but for the most part they’re […]

5 Tips to Create the Perfect Business Card | How To Design Professional Business Cards

5 Tips to Create the Perfect Business Card – How To Design Professional Business Cards Hi! I’m Antonio Centeno. I’m the founder of Real Men Real Style. Today, I’m going to be talking about the perfect business card. I’m going to give you five tips on how to create the ideal card for any situation. […]

Go Kart Build Free Plans (PDF Download)

So you want free go kart plans? Well, you’re in luck. I just built one from scratch. I am putting the plans on my website, As you can see the kart is pretty fast. It goes 25 miles per hour. It has four knobby tires and a centrifugal clutch. (damn you kids messing up […]

Proper Technique for Gluing PVC Joints (Solvent Cement)

Making a proper glue joint is simple if you follow these few steps. First you make sure you remove all the burrs from the pipe that you’re going to be gluing. The next step is using the proper size dauber. They recommend using half the diameter of the PVC pipe that you’re going to be […]

How To Weld Sheet Metal – Part 2 of 2 – Welding Sheet Metal Basics with Eastwood

so that’s where we’re going to set the wire speed here so it basically just went up heat 1 heat range where button the flooding the two of these together one thing you want to check as well just looking at you want to make sure that if you do your spot welds and stop […]

How To TIG Weld Aluminum – Pointers and Troubleshooting with Eastwood

everybody it’s matt from eastwood company and welcome to another edition of eastwood tech videos they were talking about aluminum welding there’s a bunch of different ways that you can weld aluminum but today we’re going to cover probably the most popular two ways that’s TIG welding and mig welding we’re going to start off […]

How to weld steel tubes using semi auto welding technique with a piece of wood

Don’t stop the video I will do also the other side Here is the other side as you can see the sides are cleaned very well to make a good contact the wood looks like this after one attempt The weld starts at about 130 Amps Then it has to be reduced at about 80 […]