How To Install an Iron Cross Bumper on Nissan Titan Project

– Hey, Donnie Smith here and in this video, I’m gon show you how to make my Nissan Titan, look like this, to this. Now, I’m pretty excited about this and I think you’re gonna think this is cool, too. So you’re gonna wanna watch this video. So I was wanting a new front bumper […]

DIY Paint Job Using Nothing But Rattle Cans

– Hey, how’s it going, do it yourselfers? Got a good one for you today. Today I’m gonna show you how you can sand down, paint, and fix the hood on this F-150 truck, using nothing but rattle cans. So if you look closely, we have two areas that are badly damaged, on this hood. […]

DIY How To Bondo Auto Body Repair (Tips and Tricks) To Prevent Common Problems with Body Filler

(upbeat music) – Hey, this is Donnie Smith. Have you ever overground metal, making it too weak and too thin? Well it’s not that hard to do with these thinner metals. What about when working with body filler? Have you ever gotten it in cracks, gaps, other places that you don’t want it? Takes quite […]