Как сделать налокотник. Часть 2/ How to make an elbow. Part 2 Eng sub

Hello again! We continue working on the elbow started in the previous video. Last time we stopped at the stage where we’d assembled these edges together. This is a rough blank and we need to fix the shape. The shape is more symmetrical now. Of course, there are more things to work on. For example, […]

Ковка шлема. Forging helmet. Armet, sallet, bascinet… Speed challenge.

Just for the fun of it. How long will it take for me to forge a skull (before alignment) for the closed helmed called “armet Griffon” in our portfolio? This is the incorrect name, we will have to change it later. I think that the forging will take around 1.5 – 2 hours. To make […]

Рихтовка шлема. Ковка доспеха.Planishing medieval helmet. Forging armor, just do it.

Hello everyone! This is the ArmorySmith Workshop and I’m continuing to make the armet “Griffon”. Now I need to make a final adjustment of the shape, straightening and welding. Make the skull of the helmet complete. The first half is done. The left one. And it took around 2 hours. In fact, that is a […]

NEW Online Course! Make a Sci-Fi Helmet with STAR WARS artist Fon Davis

FON DAVIS: Hi, I’m Fon Davis with the Stan Winston School of Character Arts. I’m excited to welcome you to my course on How to Make a Sci-Fi Helmet. I’m going to start with showing you how to build your own vacuum forming machine. Then, we’ll go over how to do patterns. We’ll also show […]

Drawbridge Props & Armoury – How I make money building props

my name is Levi woods, and I am a professional prop builder and I have a youtube channel where I get to spend my free time sharing my awesome creations with you. You never know what it’s gonna be. Maybe I’ll be building something out of leather, steel, bronze, brass. we’re gonna do some carving, […]

Как сделать налокотник. Часть 1/ How to make an elbow. Part 1

Hello everyone! As promised, I will now show how to make this elbow. It is twisted as a cone. It is not a proper forged elbow, which would be whole and spherical. This one is easier to make, and the shape is nice at the end. The only difference is that this one has a […]