TIG WELDING METHOD OUTSIDE FLANGE #1 walking the cup (weaving) 플랜지 바깥쪽 티그용접 방법 #1 위빙

So, hello. Nice to meet you. This time. on flange outside welding I made a video about it. This is how it looks. pipe size 100A SCH10 304 stainless steel pipe. It’s a TACK look like this. It’s punching. I can’t see well. KS KOREA 10K 100A flanges. It looks like this. It’s on the […]

Beginners Pipe Welding Rules to Live By

– Welcome to Weld.com, I’m Bob Moffatt. Been fielding multiple questions about rod manipulation, how do you do certain passes? Recently did a demo where we did uphill and downhill, high low, and I’m gonna use this pipe that we ran the root to run a hot pass. I’ll show you some technique. I’ve already […]