Fix Ball Joint(MOOG) to Lower Control Arm – Nissan press-fit Screw Type. Part 10/10

in this video we’re going to take a time out to replace the lower ball joint for the left side double wishbone independent suspension so we are finished with replacing the stabilizer link and the stabilizer bar support mouth so this will not cause any issue with the suspension before with the broken stabilizer link […]

sekring honda accord cielo 1994-1998 dan kegunaannya

2013 | Honda | Civic | Locating the Fuse Box and Fuses | How To by Brookdale Honda

Hi my name is Brad from Brookdale Honda, here to show you how to locate the fuse box and extra fuses in the 2013 Honda Civic. Here to show you your fuse box and extra fuses in the 2013 Honda Civic. Two clips front and back, pushed simultaneously, lifts right off. Inside you’ll have your […]

The Truth About Toyota and Honda Merging

rev up your engines ejido says why don’t Honda and Toyota team up reliable transmissions Toyota sporty-er engine from honda for the good of all okay cuz the competitors I’ll tell you you have something funny that actually happened few years back Ford and Chevy got together and they decided they were gonna make 10 […]

Stunt Bike Build Series | Episode 9 | Stainless Steel Braided Brake Lines – Barboflex

Hey guys! Let’s start the video in a different way. Not the same way as the others. Hi guys! Everything good? CBRTricolor here to another video! Wait! Already did it!…. Maybe in the next video, I will change the welcome message I’m in a different place today As you can see here behind me We […]

How to custom paint Ground metal with disk grinder and candy painting

How to paint GROUND METAL with Disk grinder Sanding – #80 Sanding – #120 Sanding – #180 disk grinder Never use a grindstone ! [ Main point ] Using a Scotch Bright disc Transparent primer Genuine black Candy tangerine Clear coating

Honda Civic EG Rear Quarter + Rocker Panel Rust Repair – Slideshow

Welcome back to the 6th gear garage. Long before iPhones existed and youtube was just getting started, I repaired the rusty rear quarters and rocker panels on my 1992 Honda Civic. Today we’re going back in time and I’ll show you the process from start to finish. Honda civics are known for rusting out. Road […]

Camaro Gets Front Suspension and Steering

So came up with a solid plan for the front steering and suspension Now it’s time to you know, make it happen right now. I’m making the spindle pieces and they’re at an angle like that so that I can have some KPI so we zero it on the table and then Eleven point three […]

MTD YardMan Lawnmower Restoration with Stainless Steel Body Honda Engine

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Uusi muovikolvi ja ruosteet – Audi S2 ep19

Hi, everything should be ready for this evening which we spend on the garage repairing S I send email to Az-Reptec where I bought those bumper repair rods If they could send me their welding iron So I could do better repairs to that bumper and install that support mesh easier well they did send […]