Dicas de Soldagem – Como Remover Metal com Eletrodo Revestido (trincas, chanfros e goivagem)

Hélio Welding Tips How to remove metal with coated electrode Hello guys, today we will present another welding tip. In maintenance and repair it is common to find situations Where we have to cut, pierce, chamfer and gyrate. To repair or recover a part We should remove the fatigued material with ChamferTrode 03. For example, […]

How to cut a hole in tough 316 stainless steel

Drilling holes in stainless steel can be incredibly difficult because it can work harden as you’re drilling it. This is 316 stainless which is non-magnetic which is one of the hardest stainless steels that you can actually drill. It’s not very thick it’s probably only a couple of millimeters wall thickness but it is still […]

♪ Diggy Diggy Hole

Brothers of the mine rejoice! Swing, swing, swing with me Raise your pick and raise your voice! Sing, sing, sing with me down and down into the deep who knows what we’ll find beneath? Diamonds, Rubies, gold and more, Hidden in the mountain store born underground, suckled from a teat of stone raised in the […]

How to Solder properly || Through-hole (THT) & Surface-mount (SMD)

Making Bearing Sleeves from Stainless Steel – BuildMyProduct.com – Finished Product video

SETUP MATERIAL – Enough to make 3 parts ROUGHING ID – Drill center hole undersize FINISHING ID – Ream center hole to final size ROUGHING OD – Turn outside oversize FINISHING OD – Turn outside to final size PARTING OFF – Cut to length COMPLETED – Finished part ready for use This is the inside […]

How To Fix Rust Holes In Your Car The Right Way

Ruko Drill Taps In Use Demonstration


Plug Welding Holes in Sheet Metal with Magnetic Copper Backers – Mike Finnegan at Hot Rod – Eastwood

hey it’s Finnegan back in the hot rod garage and i’m getting ready to weld a whole lot of holes shut in the firewall my 1955 Chevy using the eastwood magnetic plug welding tool this thing is awesome think of it as another pair of hands that are going to hold that copper plate right […]

Post Hole Auger – DIY (Weekend Welding Warrior)(Updated version available)

This is a project I did, had no real reason for it. it’s a post hole auger This is a piece of wood. a handle I bought at a hardware store a pipe “T” fitting This is a pipe nipple I cut in half I did not want to grind this out and put in […]

How to Weld a Steel Patch Using a Copper Backer – Kevin Caron

(Text on screen): How to Weld a Steel Patch Using a Copper Backer, Kevin Caron, www.kevincaron.com The Voice: Hey, Kevin. What are you doing? Kevin Caron: Well, have you ever had a hole you had to fill in on a piece of metal? The Voice: Yeah? Kevin Caron: I’ll show you a little trick here. […]