New Welding Solutions at FABTECH

ITW Welding would like to invite you to visit our team at the upcoming FABTECH show in Chicago. At ITW Welding, we represent the industry leading brands of Miller, Hobart Filler Metals, Bernard and Tregaskiss MIG guns, and Jetline fixed welding automation solutions. Whether we’ve known each other for years or this’ll be the first […]

Fort Defiance Relies on Hobart Filler Metals

4943 Aluminum TIG Rod Is Key to Medical Equipment Quality

We built a pressure chamber mainly for sterilization and stuff. I used the Hobart 4943 rod, works really good for us. We get the extra strength that we’re looking for. Just a very good weldability. Quality is our number one priority, and it flows well into the joints and we don’t see any leaks with […]