First Metal Detecting Hunt of 2018 – Found Silver!

Hey everyone its Rob with Rob finds treasure and today was a good day but it said it was gonna get about 60 to 70 degrees come noon so I got my metal detector out just to kind of get my detector set do a little clad coins search pull out some finds just to […]

New Releases Fall 2019 Games I’m DYING to PLAY!

– Hey guys, Metal Jesus here. Now sadly, summer is coming to a close, but that means that in the fall, we’re gonna be getting a bunch of brand new games, and this summer, actually, I was lucky enough to go down to L.A., and go to the E3 Expo, and just recently, actually, I […]

Can You Melt Obsidian and Cast a Sword?

Over the past few months I’ve been working on this video as a follow-up to user comments on a previous video on if it’s possible to cast obsidian. This proved to be a major challenge that took six attempts, broke multiple crucibles and two different kilns. But I didn’t want to stop until I finally […]

Why Roller Coaster Track is Filled with Sand

For the past century, theme parks all over the world have been battling one another to construct taller, faster, and more exhilarating thrill machines in order to outshine the competition and attract the largest crowds. Driving this battle forward are the engineers and roller coaster designers who have developed innovative ways to build these towering […]

Tankiste US 1945 – Review d’uniforme

Hello everyone and welcome to this new video of uniform presentation. Today, I will introduce the uniform of American tanker, carried by armored troops at the end of the war, so the spring of 1945. Before starting this presentation, I must make two or three remarks. First of all, I’ll present what I wear to […]

What Was Life Like? Episode 3: Anglo-Saxons | Meet an Anglo-Saxon Warrior

– Hi, I’m Hana – And I’m Tom We’re here today at Offa’s Dyke to meet Osmund, the Anglo Saxon Warrior We’ve got lots of questions about what life would have been like along Offa’s Dyke – Hello – Hello Hello there Who was Offa? Only the most famous king who ever lived He ran […]

Fallschirmjäger FJR2 Jitomir – Présentation d’uniforme

Hello everyone and welcome to this new uniform video review. Today, I will present you a German paratrooper outfit in version of battle Jitomir. First of all, I have to clarify certain points, as usual. This video is only a base that will serve you to build your uniform. This is by no means a […]

4ème DI US – tireur Bazooka à Hürtgen – Présentation d’uniforme

Hello everyone and welcome to this new video of uniform presentation. Today, I’m going to present the uniform worn by a Bazooka firer in the 4th US Infantry Division in Hürtgen. First of all, I have to remind you of some things, as usual. First of all, this video is just a base to constitute […]

MVPA Convention 2018 Part 1 | Military Collectors

[Bob Redfern] Welcome to Military Collectors this week. Folks, we are in Louisville Kentucky at the Military Vehicle Preservation Association’s National Convention. I’ve got a lot of great guests this week. A lot on tap. Military Collectors is going to go through this museum and this display like you’ve never seen before, right here on […]

Uniforme Français 1940 – Ft Confessions d’Histoire – Review d’uniforme

Hello everyone and welcome to this new video of uniform presentation. Not really “new”. After having been at “Poissy in uniforms 2018”, I had the opportunity to learn new elements, to meet experts about the French uniforms, and it was important to complete my work initiated in the first video, but that was too incomplete […]