GOOD SAMARITHAN (Mark Angel Comedy) (Episode 124)

ouch I did not fight with anybody. If you did not fight anybody, then what happened with your eyes? I was at the bus stop….. (Mark at bus stop…) (oh no a girl appeared) (the shirt wasn’t even right) (don’t do it Mark!) pervert!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HEY!! I was just trying to help a sister! Helper?/Help her? […]

HAPPY Songs With DEATH METAL Lyrics!

Tallando tus globos oculares, míralos sentarse y mirar fijamente Cortar, rebanar, tajar, tallar, desrasgar y arrancar Rasgar el tejido del cuerpo, desgarrar tu carne Rasgos faciales Afectados por gota* [*inflamación de las articulaciones] Coagulación sangrante y supurante. Irritación cubierta de mucosa hirviendo. Aniquilación Profanación Inhalación de metanfetamina Sangre, sangre, sangre Y sin vida Sangre, sangre, […]

Did Ben Franklin Really Discover Electricity? (ft. Gary & Me)

congratulations. you will be watching the greatest video you have ever seen! at some point. in your life. maybe you may have already watched that video. it’s- really depends on what you think the greatest video is. hopefully you enjoy my video today as well- WHEEZYWAITER! Hey beard lovers Today is January seventEEns twenty-seventEEn ah, […]

ELECTRICITY (Mark Angel Comedy) (Episode 117)

Mark What are you trying to do? This building doesn’t have light and even all these ones don’t have light It’s because this wire that cut So, what do you want to do? I want to fix it Chineke!!! Are you an electrician? Does it matter? Mark Call Power Holding to fix this light Uncle, […]


Hi guys! Today I’ve found a whole box of wax crayons at home! I think it’s time to use them for some awesome useful ideas! For example, to make a pendant with your own hands! If you like jewelry made by yourself, give a thumbs up! Let’s go! First, we need to grate a crayon […]

MARK ANGEL’S WEDDING (Mark Angel Comedy) (Episode 208)

My savings is to contribute towards the nation Hey mommy, this is the comedian and the emcee. Wow This is my wife-to-be, okay, this is her modem. Okay, and that is her address this time Wow. Yeah, my daughter’s So he’s going to be handling the wedding tomorrow. Okay, we have the program use the […]