How to Merge onto a Freeway, Motorway, or Interstate

[TITLE & MUSIC] Hi there smart drivers, Rick with Smart drive test talking to you today about merging onto a highway or freeway from an on-ramp. I had a comment from Ann – she wanted me to give the other road users a little bit of information about how to do that because she was […]

The Zipper Merge Is a Snap

popular northern saying is that there are just two seasons winter and construction but no matter where you travel to by card this summer chances are you’re going to run into some road work that requires lane closures with record numbers of Americans hitting the highways this year your safety and sanity will be markedly […]

How to Merge Onto Highway, Interstate, Motorway :: Do NOT Stop on Acceleration Lane | Merging Smart

Hi there smart drivers. Rick with Smart Drive Test talking to you today about merging onto a highway a freeway or a motorway, or interstates for those of you in the United States. This isn’t for the people who are merging onto the highway this is for the people who are already on the highway […]

Giant Sculptures Decorate North Dakota’s Enchanted Highway

(peaceful instrumental music) – [Voiceover] The town of Regent is dying. I said, if someone doesn’t do something, this community will be a dead community. I have a paved road from interstate to Regent. Now what do I do to bring people down 30 miles? (peaceful instrumental music) Then it dawned on me, nobody is […]