Arranged Joint | EP01 Arranged Marriage Meeting | Hindi Trippy webseries | Original Content Creator

Have something kid. Why are you not eating anything? No uncle, its fine. Hey kiddo, start practicing to call me papa Gulati, what do you say? Absolutely. And kid you, you too start calling me pops. Yes kids, from now on you have two dads Ohhooo… You people start joking, Let the kids talk to […]

Arranged Joint | EP02 – The Pub | Trippy Hi Fi Web series | Originals | Colorful Comedy Drama Adult

Green So you have arrived Why don’t you buy one more packet Raj? I have one stuff remaining And I’ll go chill at my place Cool Buddy you look kind of upset today what is the scene you look in hurry too And what kind of hair cut is this Buddy time was not working […]

First Time Marijuana Stories | Anonymously Yours | Ep. 02

It was a new phase in my life. Listening to rock music was the rage… Pink Floyd… The Doors… we were opening up to new experiences! So, someone rolled a joint… and passed it to the next person sitting in the circle. Pink Floyd was playing in the background. Just good vibes all around… in […]

Robot Joints

♪♪ As robotic machines become more sophisticated and gain popularity in industrial, commercial, and medical markets, they are called upon to perform more complex tasks. New design trends are emerging that capitalize on smaller, more compact assemblies with high precision and reliability. The motion control that defines robot joint movements must be as precise as […]


It’ moves. It’s not easy man. How to Roll a Joint, with OCB. How to roll a joint, for dummies. How to roll a joint, reefer, jay, spliff… a doobie… in USA. Doink, jeffrey, blunt. No, wait, that’s another thing. Anyway, How to roll a marihuana cigarette. Step 1, marihuana. Call your local dealer. Ok… […]

#EP-70 Home Made Welding Machine Pt 2

Not 8 Its 18Cm Height Of Core 18.5 CM Width Of Core

How to Clean a Stainless Steel Watch (Karcher SC1)

Hello to everyone First remove the clock pins and empty the watch strap Dirt accumulates over time creating a disturbing image It is also not hygienic Machine to clean our watch Karcher SC1 We’re wearing a red pressure nozzle in your mouth. After a few attempts we start to clean Take care to avoid the […]