WiLL iT MELT GAME | Easter Food Edition

Family in Flames (Ep. 15) | Fantasy High

– “You think I’m so stupid that I’m gonna type on here.” Riz appears in the room. “And get Riz out of here, you’re (beep).” No! – Wow, you’re stupid. – The girls are downloaded. They’re back in their bodies now. – Their own bodies? – Their own bodies. And their memories of him deciding […]

Electricity and Electromagnetism | NCEA Level 2 Physics Strategy Video | StudyTime NZ

– Hi, I’m Mattias and this is Hattie, and welcome to StudyTime’s Level 2 Electricity and Magnetism exam strategy video. – This exam focuses on the science behind electricity and magnetism. Where there’s two separate phenomena and together as electromagnetism. It’s really important for understanding the behavior of everyday objects, and it’s also ones of […]

Terry Iverson Speaks at the Heavy Metal Presentation

MATC’s Center for energy conservation and advanced manufacturing, invites high school students to visit for the heavy metal tour. The tour emphasizes the need for skilled workers in the manufacturing industry. The students start off by listening to a presentation. Being aware of that skills gap, manufacturing companies, such as Crohn’s, give their time to […]

First Kisses and Last Words (Ep. 13) | Fantasy High

– Everything else has frozen in time, Aelwen has just pocketed the palimpsest with Ostentatia Wallace inside it. – There is a matter of great consequence happening upon the roof of this building. – You clamber to the roof to see your fallen– – I go into a rage. – Ada, you fully just lose […]

HVAC: Sheet Metal Fabrication – Big Industry, Big Demand

My name is Corey Laviolette. I’m taking the HVAC Sheet Metal Fabrication course here at NBCC. I’ve been always good with working with my hands building different things and putting stuff together and tearing things apart so it was more of the hands-on side of it that made me really interested in taking this course […]

MPS Happenings: Best of the West Welding Contest 2016

The Best in the West is really an intricate type of program. You don’t know what you’re gonna build until a day or so before the competition. Different processes you must weld. You have to do all three processes. The kids did really well. I think that’s when we start letting them think outside the […]

CTE Welding – Annual Dinner Video

so in the welding program we start off for the first week talking about safety precautions learning about what to do and what not to do and then we kind of move on as a junior you start off gas welding and oxy-fuel cutting and all that then we move you over to stick and […]

MPS Welding Certification Program on KPNX

When you hear about Red Mountain High School, Mountain View, Mesa, Westwood, Skyline or Dobson, if you’re like me, you’re thinking tough football rivals. But for the past two weeks all 6 of the Mesa high schools have teamed up for a competition but not against each other. It’s been a true test of their […]

Mission: Success | Welding & Fabrication

I first heard about this program, and it was something different. It was sort of out of my comfort zone and I was willing to step out of my comfort zone. So what we do here is we develop all the basic skills, all the welding: MIG, TIG, stick. At first it was rough but, […]