Inwerterowy półautomat spawalniczy MIG 145 NO GAS – NOWOŚĆ

Mig 145 no gas is the smallest semi-automatic welding machine in the Magnum brand offer. The device is intended only for welding with a sheath wire. That is, the lifting of a heavy and troublesome cylinder falls out. Handles, both work and bulk, are permanently installed so you do not have to think about the […]

Solving the Rubik’s Cube with METAL! (Rob Scallon Contest)

I’d like to solve a Rubik’s cube, while I’m playing the guitar. You wanna get that guitar! Do you mean this one here? But it’s not mine, it’s just… (Don’t be a pussy…) (You son of a…) Sorry! That was the part of the original conception. Really?

Not Your Average Gift – Messages In Metal (2019)

At Messages In Metal, the difference is in the Details. Quality custom packaging makes gift giving not only easy but also special. Monogrammed tissue paper, a custom cleaning cloth, and a stamped jewelry box were designed to showcase your custom designed jewelry. The velvet jeweler’s box tucked away inside the white presentation box allows the […]

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