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Mac’s Weld-On Axle Housing Bracket Series – Volume 3: Application Usage – Mac’s Tie Downs

Okay I’m under the back of a 1966 Mercury Cyclone nine-inch ford housing. Most of you will recognize that immediately. Got Ridetech coil-overs, a panhard bar, there’s lots going on under here as well as the low stance of the car. Makes it a little bit challenging to route an Axle Strap. Notice how the […]

Walking the Cup VS Freehand Roots: Horizontal (2G)

– Hope you’re having a marvelous Monday. Been doing a series of pipe welding videos using four-inch Schedule 40. I gotta get with the cub on cuttin’ these coupons out of these pipe. Coo-pins! It a little crooked. We’ll work with it, we’ll work with it. We’re gonna run a horizontal route today, the 2G […]

Chimney Roof Brace Kit, Selkirk Supervent 6 8 Stainless Steel Support

Dean up on the roof, we have a fascinating little invention of Dean’s here, putting a silicone pad underneath the foot of a roof bracing there, and then we drill through the holes, so it’s immediately sealed, and there we go. We’re putting up this chimney support here, and those are the two roof legs, […]

🔥Welded Xmas Present Jail Cell

– Hey, welcome to Weld.com. It’s Christmas time. Going to get Mancub. Mancub likes his Crown Royal. I don’t think he’s old enough to drink it, sure don’t act like it sometimes. Anyway, I’m going to mess with him a little bit. It’s been done before but I’m going to make a little jailhouse for […]

How to Get Hands On Welding Experience – Enroll in TWS!

I didn’t look at any other schools at all I just came straight to Tulsa Welding School and that was it I worked two years out in the field before came here just trying to learn it pick it up and understand it I learned more here in 7 months than I did two years […]

5G TIG Root Pass: 2 Inch Sch 80 Pipe

– Welcome to another episode of “Weld.com.” We’re gonna start a series on pipe-welding in all positions. We’re gonna start out with 2-inch schedule 80, today is 5G. My fit-up, or my prep, is to clean the inside of the pipe. We have removed a little mill scale out here, dressed up the bevel, and […]

CNC Plasma Table Build Day Six (Paint & Testing)

Day six out here in the shop Ive got the bottom of the water bed welded out I went to lowe’s this mornin’ and picked up some paint I also got the stuff I need to install the little ball valve that I was talkin’ about so I can drain and fill up the table […]

High End Tig Welding Cups with DogFab.com | Step Up Your Tig Skills

I am here with “the dog” Michael Furick I appreciate you having me here So today he is going to show us some of his cool cups and we are going to watch him make some pro stock bike wheelie bars