Metal family Сезон 1 Серия 6(ЦЕНЗУРНАЯ ВЕРСИЯ)

Quest Well. It’s here Unforgettable experiences! [Cursed Castle] Mysterious and macabre atmosphere! [Cursed Castle] Hardest puzzles and great acting! [Cursed Castle] Cursed castle… Or lock It would be more accurate. Because there definitely will be puzzles with locks Hello! Did you book time of the game? Yes. At 2:30 pm Please come to a waiting […]

Black Metal Satanica 2008 Full Doc. English with Spanish subs.

Kenda Naevia is one of the richest parts of the world with almost no unemployment a low crime rate and everything is clean and nice and everybody is happy in their pretty little houses but underneath this perfect surface lies a monster a beast sometimes the Beast wakes up and shows its face to the […]

Reference: X-ray inspection of casting parts

My name is Ludger Ohm, I m foundry engineer and Co-Owner of Ohm and Häner in Olpe, Germany. We decided for a VisiConsult X-ray inspection system, because of a big project from India. As the train-gearboxes were big and heavy the challenge was the part handling. We decided for this customized top-loader solution that allows […]

Бацинет “Тяжелый Гриффон”, bascinet “Heavy Griffon”, eng sub.

Hello everyone! This is the ArmorySmith Workshop and my name is Vyacheslav Perepelitsa. Today I would like to introduce to you the new bascinet well, not exactly new a bit modified bascinet “Griffon”. We will call it bascinet “Heavy Griffon”. The thing is, when the spotsmen improve we try to improve the armor and make […]