CASSETTE Collection Heavy Metal, Hard Rock, AOR. Video di Tomas Ticciati

Benvenuti a tutti vintage maniaci di YouTube per un nuovo video del mio canale questo sarà un video non Cinematografico Bensì un video musicale un video che andrà a prendere una per una tutte le musicassette che ho messo via Diciamo dal 2002 al 2008 perché in quel periodo era un grande fissato il grande […]

How heavy metal and Satan gave us this sticker

On September 19, 1985, a congressional hearing about rock music lyrics captured the nation’s attention. Over the course of 5 hours, a music expert, a reverend, a group of parents, and quite a few deeply horrified politicians publicly reprimanded the music industry for their lack of morals. This is Democratic Sen. Fritz Hollings Hollings: But […]


We used to swim the same moonlight waters Oceans away from the wakeful day My fall will be for you Scent of the sea before waking afterwards Brings me to thee Into the blue memory My fall will be for you Into the blue memory A siren from the deep came to me Sang my […]

Harry Metal – Wacken Open Air 2017 – #2 (Subtitled)

Today we will install the reserve swale and set up the wells at this system. You can already see them, we just started. Then we will install the SediStream, between our built drainage swale and the reserve swale. If mud enters the drainage swale through the pebbles, will be collected in the SediStream and we […]