Taylor Machine Works Builds Big Red Equipment With Miller

How to spray paint aluminum Mack dump truck bed- paint booth restoration

Do you have a equip? Come on Gus. I’ve lost it. No come on you got this eye of the tiger. Grrrrrrr! Do you have a piece equipment with aluminum on it and it’s worn out, weather beaten and Haggard up? Have you tried elbow grease, pressure washing you still can’t get it off? Well […]

Heavy Equipment ICUEE Demo Expo 2019 – oem Altec Kubota, Ditch Witch, Morooka, Vacuworx

welcome back guys it’s been two years since we last saw you here at the ICUEE Expo we’re about to show you around it’s the biggest one yet this is Brad Burris our new VP of Sales at Newman tractor and he’s going to introduce you to one of our newest manufacturers: Vacuworx. thanks Meredith […]

Morooka mst1500 dumper – how to weld a personnel carrier

I’m Wyatt I’m Tim today we’re taking one of our 1500 Morooka we’re gonna put a personnel carrier on it be welding cutting grinding it’s gonna be a mess today we’re constantly modifying these Morooka’s today we have a 1500 Morooka in here now we’re going to take from a dump bed into an 18-man […]

The morooka mst1500 & mst2200 dumpers with custom applications!

Hi, I’m Rick Newman and we’re in the thick of rental season. We’re gonna take a look in the shop see what we got going on today! One machine you’re going to notice back here, is a product called the Morooka Crawler Carrier that we’re constantly modifying for many different applications. When you buy or […]

How to replace a drag link suspension on a john deere 300d adt!

Hi, I’m Josh and I’m Dustin and we’re working on a John Deere 300D articulated truck and it came back from rent with all sorts of suspension issues and today we’re going to show you how to fix it! When this truck first rolled in we found that the drag links were all been up […]

Our heavy equipment bodywork tips and tricks- repairing rust and fiberglass

What’s up this is Kenny Young here at Newman Tractor and today we’re gonna do bod ywork! First things first, we’re doing some body work and we’re pulling off the doors. On some of the older equipment uh, you know, you can’t find parts for. So sometimes in our shop, we’ll just have to fab […]

A heavy equipment mechanic uses a portable 100-ton track press for excavator pins!

My name is Nate, and today we’re punching out pins and swapping out tracks on excavators! In the past we’ve always had to outsource our track work, due to the fact that the pins are pressed so tightly into the track links (about 30, 40, 50 ton). We made this twenty thousand dollar investment to […]

Millwrights, Industrial Machinery Mechanics and Maintenance Workers Career Video

Industrial machinery works around the clock to manufacture food products, generate power, and move suitcases at the airport. Industrial machinery maintenance workers, mechanics, and millwrights make sure industrial machinery stays on the job. Machinery maintenance workers do basic maintenance and repairs, such as cleaning and lubricating machinery, performing basic diagnostic tests, and testing damaged parts. […]