What is Local Exhaust Ventilation?

[Music] Lots of different jobs across different industries involve work processes that create dust and fumes. If these are not controlled properly people can breathe them in and develop diseases such as asthma, lung scarring and cancer. Every year thousands of people in Great Britain die as a result of breathing in harmful dusts and […]

How to prevent breathing in dangerous fumes during welding – Go Home Healthy

Welcome to my experimental chamber. Let me introduce you to Dave the welder, not very human looking except for one thing, he breathes. Look, his plastic lungs are inflating and deflating. When they do this Dave breathes in the air from inside the chamber, together with anything else that’s in the air. The chamber can […]

Safety precautions while welding plastic – safety & health at work ?

Ataszek – Modern Technologies of joining Materials Safety precaution while plastic Today, we’re going to talk about safety at welding In other words, a short health and safety guidance film What to have, wear and be watchful. The first, the basic is a stabilised table Where you may attach any piece with rubber bands or […]

Welding Health and Safety: Welding Helmet Eye Care – Kevin Caron

(Text on screen): Welding Health and Safety: Welding Helmet Eye Care, Kevin Caron, www.kevincaron.com (adjusting helmet) The Voice: Hey, Kevin. What’s wrong? Kevin Caron: Good Lord! You know, when you MIG weld for awhile, all the sparks from your welding and smoke and the dust tends to gather on the little safety glass in the […]