Darkness and Flame 4: Enemy in Reflection [Teaser Trailer]

I owe Ray so much! Thanks to him, I was able to get my magical powers back. But if Farador hadn’t made it in time to pick us up on his flying ship, we wouldn’t have been able to escape! We would have stayed on the Dark Side … Look, Farador! I think that’s a […]

Foreign Flame (Trailer) (#1)

I loved her I loved her everyday we spent together. She was a very strong, and a good woman. The best woman I ever had in my life. I want to launch a complaint. Okay. Against who? My husband. What was all that drama saying Namaste and all? And what are you wearing? What is […]

Arranged Joint | EP01 Arranged Marriage Meeting | Hindi Trippy webseries | Original Content Creator

Have something kid. Why are you not eating anything? No uncle, its fine. Hey kiddo, start practicing to call me papa Gulati, what do you say? Absolutely. And kid you, you too start calling me pops. Yes kids, from now on you have two dads Ohhooo… You people start joking, Let the kids talk to […]

Melt Away Burnout Early Bird Special!

We have joined forces and are bringing you melt away burnout workshop and if you are wondering who should come if you think you’re too busy you’re the one that should come to this workshop yes totally yeah and we’re not going to just have you sitting there listening to us lecture you it’s going […]

Jessica Cox Shops For Wedding Shoes | Right Footed | Fuse

Maybe we should… Tan, like this tan right here… Hi! Welcome to DSW how may I help you? Well we’re actually looking for wedding shows and I have a piece of the dress material with me in my purse. Get it out…right here… So this is the material of the dress and we’re hoping to […]

Online Chemistry Lecture – Relative Melting Point

Oh, hi. Up on this board I’ve gone ahead and compartmentalized some compounds. What we have on the far left are the inert gases, group 18s, such as helium neon, and argon. You can look at a periodic table and see that these are the inert gases. I’ve got molecules listed, which are a combination […]

Bone & Joint Institute – Dr. Durgesh Nagarkatti

(upbeat music) – Hello, I’m Hartford HealthCare’s Tina Varona. Every year, one million people undergo hip or knee replacement surgery, and many of them choose to have it done robotically. Joining me is Dr. Durgesh Nagarkatti from the Hartford HealthCare Bone & Joint Institute at Hartford Hospital. Dr. Nagarkatti, you use robotics to perform this […]

Perler / Artkal Mini Fuse Bead Haul!

Hey kittens! Today, I have a lot of beads. And I mean…a lot. Of beads. And I’m super excited to share this little video with you, showing you what I managed to find! I got a lot of these from a Facebook seller, who was quitting using the mini beads. And then the rest are […]