(introductory music) – This story is about last Christmas when I went on a date. I went on a date, yep. Oh, and it was with my lady. It was with, it was with my lady. We went to the Melting Pot and for years, I’ve just been hearing rave reviews about this place, okay? […]

Student story: A supportive school that combines theory and practice

Hello Everybody. My name is Ha I’m studying in Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences in Porvoo Campus. And my Major is International Sales and Marketing. So I have been in the Campus for two years already Before I used to study in another university in another city And then I decided to transfer to Haaga-Helia […]

How much does Solar earn with her youtube channel? [Happy Together/2019.11.28]

I also own a personal broadcasting channel. – You do? / – Yes. I found that doing that was quite therapeutic. – Is it? / – Yes. I like being on TV shows and work as a musician, but it also gives me stress. Doing things and talking alone in front of a camera… – […]

Metal Music Midwest reviews Grimm Distribution

alright hello guys let’s talk about some reviews here I have just gotten several reviews and they were provided to me by grimm distribution satanath morbid skull records alright so let’s talk about it let’s see what the number one is number one is bastardos from Argentina ok number two is nadir from Hungary number […]

Forestry with Logbullet | Part 1: Welding

Hi. It’s Pekka from Logbullet and wellcome to Logbullet production facility. I manufacture Logbullets but I’m also forester I’m taking care of our forest with chainsaw or with clearing saw and taking care of our forest My plan is now that after Chirsmas I will take our chainsaw to forest and do some first thinning. […]

How to Replace Windows : How to Install Metal Flashing for Window Trimming

Hi, I am David Belch with Expert Village and today I am going to show you how to install windows. What I am going to do now is put the sides on. They are called jambs. Measure my furtherest edge. Push the sill down as far as I can. Measure my outside measurement which is […]

Schatzsuche im Wald nach alter Kriegsvergangenheit – Sondeln mit WW2 / WK2 Funden

Here I have a good signal.. And here is where I found the ‘Kriegsverdienstkreuz’ Here is something.. Oh wow, what a find!!

Assassin’s Creed: Ezio’s Family (Metal/Rock Cover) ft. Alina Lesnik – Srod Almenara

Hey guys thanks so much for watching this was a collaboration with the amazing singer from Germany Alina Lesnik I recommend you to subscribe to her channel if you don’t do it, I can kill you she has great videos there up here you will find the links to her channel remember that you can […]

2 Deaf Students Share Their Signs of Success

[Reporter] The signs of success. Graduating from high school is a challenge but imagine how difficult it would be if you were deaf. [Rodney Nunez] I can hear background noise I can hear people talking around me but in the background I have no idea what it is they’re saying. [Eliana Adame Moreno] Nothing, nothing […]

DIY Toyota Supra Pt 3 – Welding

Hi, welcome to nice that you have switched to the second episode Today it comes to welding work on the front right body i wanted to show you very briefly with what i am welding the welder is loan from a good friend because I have not yet purchased a welder but I will […]