This video features a great Call Of Duty player tsunami33. You will see gameplay with the following weapons, PP90M1, ACR 6.8, UMP45, G36C, RPG, SCAR-L, Grenade, SMAW, Striker, MP7 & MP5. The following Killstreaks, UAV, I.M.S., Attack Helicopter, Predator Missile, Assault Drone and finally you will see tsunami33 bring the rain with the AC130. I’ve […]

How To Install a Suspension Into a Bullard Hard Hat

Today, you’ll learn how to install a suspension into a Bullard Hard Hat. First, orient the suspension assembly so that the brow pad faces the front of the helmet. This means that the suspension adjustment will face the rear of the helmet. You will adjust the suspension at the rear of your helmet, once it […]

How To Install a Ratchet Suspension Into an MSA Hard Hat

This is an MSA Hard Hat. Today, we’ll show you how to install the ratchet suspension into your MSA Hard Hat. Take your ratchet suspension. First, remove it from the hard hat. Position the suspension so that the brow pad faces the area where your forehead will be within the hard hat. This means the […]

Vlog #5 – ABS & HDPE UV Resistance (Safety Helmet/Hard hat)

Hello Matthew Judson Technical Director at JSP Ltd One of those common questions we get asked about helmets is How resistant are ABS and HDPE to UV um thats one of the things that comes up commonly all of the matierials thatJSP are using and indeed other manufacturers are using out there is UV stabalised […]

Vlog #4 – What is the difference between ABS and HDPE? (in hard hats)

Hello Matthew Judson at JSP Ltd One of the common questions we get about helmets is What is the difference between ABS and HDPE Ok yeah thats another common question ABS HDPE um there is two types of material that we are commonly using ABS which is Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene which is a very stiff […]