DIY Vicks Vaporub Shower Melts During Cold And Flu Season – Nutshell School

DIY Vapor Rub Shower Melts Cold and flu season is here! When these viruses hit our home, we like to be prepared with the items that we know work well for us so that we don’t have to run to the store and try to find the best medicine. DIY vapor rub shower melts Supplies […]

DIY Wax Melts | MO River Soap

Gathering the supplies I need I have Kentucky ParaSoy Tart and Votive Wax I have the Sinus Relief fragrance oil from Indigo Fragrances I have some Sinus Relief Bath Tea from Wholesale Supplies Plus I have some plastic clam shells from Filmore Container and of course we have our Pyrex cup a spoon a scale […]

Lush How It’s Made: Snow Angel Luxury Bath Melt

(lively instrumental music) – Hey guys, I’m Dan and today on How It’s Made, we’re gonna be making Snow Angel Luxury Bath Melt and Evancory’s gonna be compounding. One of the cool things about Snow Angel is that it’s designed to make your bathtub look like a blanket of shimmering white snow. First we start […]

Cross Cut Sled w/ Finger Joint Jig Insert

Man these old jigs take up a lot of space! Grrr, warped and unusable! Let’s make a new one. Some scrap plywood (from failed attempts at kerf bending) Cleaning up the edges. Some scrap 2×4’s Jointing the faces smooth. Squaring up the ends Routing a chamfer. This will let dust collect there and not affect […]

How to Make Clear Melt & Pour Soap Base from Scratch

welcome to Soaping101 today I’m going to show you how I create clear melt and pour soap begin by adding stearic acid to my crock-pot and coconut oil I’ll turn my temperature too high and wait for the oils to melt once melted I’ll take note of the temperature for this method to be successful […]

Easy Shaker Card with Fuse Tool

Hi Everyone! Kristina here. Welcome to another card video here at my YouTube channel and blog. Today I’m going to be creating a shaker card using a few different supplies. I’m using the Thank You Heart die set from Simon Says Stamp, a background stamp from Basic Grey and Hero Arts and then the We […]

Ideas for Very Small Stamp Sets (Fuse Tool Shaker Cards)

Watch How to Combine Wire Wrapped Beads with Components and Chain with Fusion Beads

– [Lindsay] Now that you’ve perfected the techniques from the first three videos in the series, you’re ready to build a whole project using all of the techniques you learned. In this video, I’m gonna walk you through making this necklace. We’ll start by creating the focal, our pendant portion of the necklace. This is […]

Video about some techniques for feeding filler rods . TIG welding . Electrode

Video on some techniques for feeding weld rods Hello. Today we made a video about some techniques for feeding weld rods. Please press “subscribe” and “Like”. This is one of the most commonly used delivery methods for supplying welding rods. Daddy finger Mommy finger Brother finger Sister finger Baby finger I’m going to show you […]

Tig welding Walking The Cup 5G Root Pass 100A(4 inch) SCH 40 carbon steel pipe

Hello. Today… I’ll do a back-bead welding in the 5G position. I’d appreciate it if you could press “subscribe” and “like.” There are many ways to weld the backbead. There’s a “freehand” or “drawing” way to weld the nozzle onto the floor. And there’s a “weaving” way to weld the nozzle through the pipe. We’re […]