Hand Tool Woodworking – Cutting The Housing / Dado Joint Without A Saw

A particularly good question we got asked was about or why did we use a chisel to cut our walls on our housings over a saw. And this is a very good question, it’s a very open ended question also, the same could go to whether to remove the waste of a dovetail with a […]

How to Hand Cut Dovetail Joints Simple and Easy Hand Tool Woodworking Skill

No doves were harmed in the making of this video. Dovetails don’t need to be precise, don’t need to be dead on accurate, and if they have gaps and cracks and changes and problems then, oh well, not a problem. That is life and that is the way things go and it gives them more […]

Installing a Metal Roof on an Off Grid Log Cabin Alone | Alaska Update

Eastwood Outlet Store, Pottstown Pennsylvania

The Eastwood Outlet Store in Pottstown, Pennsylvania is your source for automotive savings, whether you’re restoring a classic car or maintaining your daily driver they’ll have what you need to do the job right they also offer a variety of welders and accessories for all your fabrication needs check out their exclusive in-store sales including […]

Post Hole Auger – DIY (Weekend Welding Warrior)(Updated version available)

This is a project I did, had no real reason for it. it’s a post hole auger This is a piece of wood. a handle I bought at a hardware store a pipe “T” fitting This is a pipe nipple I cut in half I did not want to grind this out and put in […]

Orion MPulse Welder

Introducing the newest member of the Orion pulse arc welder family. The Orion mpulse 30 with five to 30 watt seconds power potential. This welder is ideal for quick small wells on a light duty cycle. The system works well with gold silver and many other metals. Featuring 11 different power settings it’s a superior […]