Porsche 911 Build – Welded Flare! TIG vs MIG for Thin Sheet Metal?

hey car fans and welcome back to garage time this week I’m going to finish welding on this fender to my Porsche 911 and I’m gonna try something new I have some filters that I’m gonna put on my camera to try to video the weld puddle so you can see what the welding is […]

How to Build a Custom Transmission & Driveshaft Tunnel – Ford Model A – Eastwood

the last step of this project we showed you how we made the floor pans for my model way back here the next step is going to be building the drive shaft and transmission tunnel for the car which a lot of people can find challenging to make now if we were back in the […]

Motorcycle Fender Fab! Building a Cafe Racer Fender from Scratch with Eastwood tools.

everybody it’s matt from eastwood we’re here in the eastwood garage doing another live-text session if you guys haven’t watched one of these before we want them to be as interactive as possible so what you guys to logon asked questions about the topic we have today share it with your friends and more people […]