Sonny Flame – All We Had Is Gone (Official Video)

I feel that all we had is gone now We can’t even look each other in the eye You always said that you love me But now you act like an enemy You’re telling me you’re unhappy ‘Cause I am living just for me You’re taking all of my energy Yeah Leave me, like you […]

BLESSURES – Prévention, guérison, explications

English subtitles soon !

SI Joint Pain: How I Got Better FAST!

Hey everyone! AJ here with Stronglife Physiotherapy. I want to tell you about a little episode of SI joint pain that I had just last week and how I got fast relief. I’m not sure how it started, it may have been from bending over a lot while doing some work around the house. It […]

Gym Workout Song – “Heavy Metal Atmosphere” by Buff Dudes

Supination Pronation Words to know if you live a gym vocation Palms ascend (they ascend) Palms dump (they dump) Pretty helpful if you need a bicep pump Our knowledge (our knowledge) Your brain (your brain) Don’t overdo it or you’ll FEEL THE PAIN Food and rest (the rest) Lead to growth (the growth) Keys as […]

Mirafit 1″ Cast Iron Tri Grip Weights

Mirafit Mirafit Cast Iron 1″ Tri Grip Weights. Solid cast iron construction. Weights range from 1.5kg to 25kg. Tri grip design makes them hassle free. Suitable for all 1″ weight bars. Use on a bar or individually. Mirafit Cast Iron 1″ Trui Grip Weights. Available at Mirafit

The KING of RANDOM & the Hacksmith!

My frustration with YouTube is the the projects I’m really passionate about and feel really good about, don’t get watched don’t get promoted they don’t get any revenue you and then I’ll do something where I’m like this is really stupid I almost feel bad about posting it and then it’ll just go viral James: […]

Treadmill Motor Repair

Hi, this is Megan with Eurton Electric. And welcome to the world of electric motor repair and rewinding. Today, we will be rebuilding a treadmill motor. So, let’s go get started! Here, we have a number of different treadmill motors that have come to us for rebuilding. As you can see, there is quite a […]