Warning! Rock Dust Contains Heavy Metals! Are they Safe For Your Organic Garden?

Alright! This is John Kohler with growingyourgreens.com. Today I have another exciting episode for you, and we’re going to talk about something near and dear to my heart today. This stuff is called rock dust and it’s the number 1 thing I believe you guys should add to your garden to get he outstanding growing […]

NAIT students help eliminate electricity from fossil fuels in Cape Verde

We were tasked with completing a project with a company based out of Cape Verde in Africa This company wanted to take the island nation from a heavy dependence on fossil fuels and convert as much of the electrical grid as possible to more renewable energy They’re currently suffering from extremely high electricity prices which […]

Electricity Bill breakdown

My name is mMorgan Holmes, and I am a researcher with the Energy Policy Innovation Council or EPIC, at Arizona State University. We provide unbiased research, and information to policymakers and the community on energy policy best practices with a special focus on Arizona and clean energy innovation. Today I’m going to talk about what […]

Imagine a world of unlimited clean electricity… Climeon & Virgin Voyages

I’ve been involved with trying to get breakthroughs on clean energy for a number of years now When I saw what Climeon was doing I was very excited. We run on energy and that energy must turn into clean energy as fast as possible Whether it’s solar power, or whether it’s turning waste water into […]

How We Turn Solar Energy Into Electricity

I have a very distinct memory of tv telling me, “every hour the sun beams enough solar energy to power our planet for a year.” Solar power, however, has yet to deliver on this promise from my children’s television. Why is it so hard???? The sun shines on us every day, it comes down here […]

Can You Use Electricity to Supercharge Your Brain? | tDCS

People around the world are strapping batteries to their heads to supercharge their brains. Seriously. This is a thing. It’s called transcranial direct-current stimulation, or tDCS, and it involves using electric currents to stimulate your brain. The companies that want to sell you tDCS devices claim that it has all kinds of benefits: They might […]

How do wind turbines generate electricity? – IN 60 SECONDS

How do offshore wind turbines generate electricity? You probably know that wind turbines produce electricity from wind. But how do they do it Let’s take a look at this particular offshore wind turbine. Sensors on top of the turbine measure wind speed and direction They signal the yaw-motors in which direction to turn in order […]

How Close Are We to Zero-Emissions Electricity?

We’ve all heard the statements and stats about the ominous timeline our planet is on. To avoid the worst effects of climate change––from natural disasters to mass extinction––we know that we need to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions. And fast. And when we stop literally lighting things on fire to power our world, we can […]

A Plastic That Conducts Electricity?

You’ve probably noticed that electrical wires are often wrapped in plastic, or that electricians use gloves and tools with plastic coatings. That’s because they don’t want to get electrocuted, which is smart. Plastics prevent fatal zaps by blocking the flow of electrons. They are good insulators. And for decades, that’s all scientists thought plastics could […]