Arranged Joint | EP01 Arranged Marriage Meeting | Hindi Trippy webseries | Original Content Creator

Have something kid. Why are you not eating anything? No uncle, its fine. Hey kiddo, start practicing to call me papa Gulati, what do you say? Absolutely. And kid you, you too start calling me pops. Yes kids, from now on you have two dads Ohhooo… You people start joking, Let the kids talk to […]

Make Your Own Bath Melts Tutorial | Fashioneyesta

[Intro music – Elysium from iMovie] Bridging the gap between sight loss and fashion [Intro music 2 – Chelsea Loft Medium from iMovie] Make your own cosmetics with Fashioneyesta. Do-it-yourself natural beauty. Hello again Fashioneyeta-ettes. Welcome back to another episode of Do-It-Yourself Natural Cosmetics. In this episode I’m gonna be showing you how to make […]

Antarctic glaciers ‘melted past point of no return’ – This is REAL Genius

Glaciers hold the largest reserves of fresh water on Earth. They are vast. And 99% of them are in the polar regions, locked into vast ice sheets. Or at least, they are for now. Teams from the University of Washington, University of California Irvine and Nasa have, by studying four decades of data about movement […]

The Hunt for the Highest Melting Point

If you follow our sister channel SciShow Space, you might remember something that we pointed out recently: Even the coolest places on the Sun’s surface are hot enough to melt every compound that humans have ever found, created, or even predicted. And it turns out that there’s a whole field of scientific research devoted to […]

What Happens If You Fuse All Your Chromosomes? | SciShow News

[♪ INTRO ] 23 pairs. With just those two words, you probably already know what I’m talking about: chromosomes, the tightly-wound packets of DNA and protein that together make up our genomes. And not just any chromosomes, but the number of chromosomes in most humans. But have you ever thought about why it’s 23? There’s […]

Country Flame Wood Burning Fireplace Insert Model 02 Features

Ok. What I’m going to be going over now is the O2 wood burning insert. American Energy Systems manufactures the Country Flame brand of O2 insert. One of the unique features of the O2 insert is that it is zero clearance fireplace approved. This is very important because in so many homes today we have […]

When Your Brain Can’t Accept Reality: Anosognosia

Thanks to CuriosityStream for supporting this episode! Go to to learn more. [ ♪INTRO ] Back in the 1940s, a man suffered a series of injuries that left him mostly paralyzed and was confined to a hospital bed. Over time he grew more irritable and demanding of the staff, and if you asked him […]

LIVE! Shiny Shadow Quilava on Colosseum after 3,562 SR’s!!! Unique GREEN flame!

Hello guys! What’s up? It’s the Underdog2020 here, and I’m bringing you an all-time new hunt, one-of-a-kind kind of thing for my 10k Subscriber special. As you can see here I’ve got Pokemon Colosseum on in the background and I am determined to get myself a shiny in this game. There’s a lot of rumors […]