2018 SkillsUSA Auto Collision Repair Competition at Aims Community College

Today we’re holding our regional SkillsUSA competition which includes various aspects of collision repair including bodywork, metalwork, including paint refinishing and priming. So I did collision, the secondary collision, which is the high school program And I did the metalwork, bodywork, plastic repair estimating and then structural and frame damage and welding as well. We […]

Aims Welding Technology Program

If somebody was looking to get into the Aims Welding Program I would tell them don’t think twice if you’re even a little interested. It’s very affodrable and for what you get I personally feel like it’s a steal. Welding has a lot of opportunities to build all sorts of different things. You could work […]

Welding Under Pressure

This is a pressure vessel. It’s a miniaturized version of something that we might build out in the field that would involve a lot of code pipe welds high structure, high strength, very important welds. The hydrostatic testing is going to put a thousand pounds of pressure inside the vessel which is going to test […]