Keeping the Flame Alight With the Last of the Lampists

(mechanism locking) (soft reminiscent piano music) – There is no manual on how to be a lampist. It takes many, many years to learn all the facets of the job. At the peak of the profession there were about 800 lampists nationally. And I am, really, one of the last people who are doing it. […]

10 Qualities Of Men That Melt Women Down | Things Men Do That Make Women Melt – LOVE PSYCHOLOGY

10 Qualities Of Men That Melt Women Down | Things Men Do That Make Women Melt – LOVE PSYCHOLOGY

An Ice Castle Brings Magic Before Melting Away

– [Marc] Castles are built to last, right? One hundred years, 500 years, a thousand years. So why build a castle that only exists for three months and has to be rebuilt every single year when it melts? Well, what if that was the point? What if you were building it not for the finished […]

Why NASA Is Tracking Greenland’s Ice Melt

(water lapping) (tranquil music) – When we first started measuring ice back in the early 1990s, nobody knew basically what Greenland was doing. Was it getting bigger or getting smaller? That was a total unknown. And so, in 2000, we published our first results, using an older version of the technology that we’re using now […]

The Mississippi Juke Joint Keeping the Blues Alive

(blues music) – The cool thing about Bilbo Walker is that he grew up in the same Mississippi Delta blues environment as like Charley Patton, Robert Johnson, or Muddy Waters, or Howlin’ Wolf or B.B. King. And when he performs, it feels like that. It is like a living fossil. He’s out there in the […]

Explore the Melting Ice Caves of Alaska’s Mendenhall Glacier

(soft piano music) – [Narrator] This incredible glacier, located in Alaska, is a popular tourist destination. But the best way to see it is from the inside. (soft piano music) Mendenhall Glacier is a 12-mile long glacier in the Mendenhall Valley in Alaska’s Tongass National Forest. The ice caves are the glacier’s surreal interior. Access […]

The Hair Metal Singer Who Turned to Classical Music

(metal music) – The year is 1988; big hair and denim are in. (“Seventeen” by Winger) The ultimate lead singer in hair metal, Kip Winger, and his band are at the top of the charts. But the party that seemed like it would never end suddenly came crashing down. (birds singing) No air play, no […]

One Part Heavy Metal, One Part Mongolian Throat Singer

(rock music) (cheering) – The first time I laid down the guitar track and then played the fiddle on top of this, it make me have goose bump on my arm, ’cause like this is something shamanic. (rock music) My name’s Nature Ganganbaigal; I am a musician. I’m originally from China, but I have a […]

Rocking Out at Heavy Metal Mass

– [Narrator] Imagine hearing this in church. (heavy metal music) Well, in Finland, you can. – [Narrator] In fact, Finland has the most heavy metal bands per capita in the world. It’s so popular, it’s showing up in places you wouldn’t expect. (heavy metal music) (upbeat music) Meet the metal mass mastermind. – [Narrator] Heavy […]